Hong Kong Businessman required financing for a private jet

Hong Kong Businessman finances private jet

The Client

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, our client decided to invest in a private jet for his future travels when countries begin to open travel restrictions. Referred to us by a former customer of GMG, the client required US$10M to purchase a G550 normally valued at US$20M.

How We Helped

Given the slowdown in global travel, the agent was offering the pre-owned 2011 vintage plane at a steep discount of US$13M, which would normally be unavailable.

Our team found aviation financing from a specialist lender at favorable terms of 3.5% on a 5-year loan. The entire transaction was completed in 30 days.

NationalityResidenceIndustryAsset ValueLoan Amount
Hong Kong Citizen​​Hong Kong​ ManufacturingUS$20,000,000​US$10,000,000