If it "Flies or Floats", we can Finance it!

Cyclical industries, by definition, are heavily leveraged and also mean those that can time the business cycle do very well, and those who can't will likely face financial difficulties. Covid-19 has magnified the amplitude of this market structure.

Another way to look at this is that those who have excess liquidity can take advantage of distressed sales, and those that don’t will need to raise liquidity in a short period of time to pay down debt.

GMG "Asset-backed Solutions" (ABS)

Similar to our popular real estate bridge loans, GMG Commercial Vessel and Private Jet Loans are able to monetise the equity in the "asset" and provide our clients with the necessary liquidity in ways traditional banks are unable to (speed to close, high LTV, interest-only etc).

Commercial Vessel Loans

Some of the largest shipping companies in the world are based in Asia, given the proximity to important trading routes. This gives GMG a natural advantage to work with our Asia-based UHNW clients in the shipping industry who need liquidity options on their vessel fleet.

Private Jet Financing

The global downturn in air travel has created strong demand in private aviation as UHNW clients have pivoted to owning private jets given the lack of commercial travel options as a result of Covid-19.

Our investors specialise in private jet financing, offering flexible terms and fast funding times.

Here are 2 recent case studies highlighting GMG’s ingenuity in creating liquidity solutions for our UHNW clients to now include commercial vessels and private jets.

Case Study links to:

Private Jet Financing
Commercial Vessel Financing

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