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"We only work with U.S. Expats and Foreign Nationals, so we know exactly what is required to ensure that your mortgage journey is stress-free."

Robert Chadwick


U.S. Residential Mortgages

In the U.S., Global Mortgage Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, America Mortgages Inc., offers 150 U.S. bank programs direct to U.S. Expats and Foreign Nationals living overseas.

We pioneered offering U.S. mortgages to international borrowers 5 years ago. We are now the global leader and approve 97% of our Foreign National loans, the same for our U.S. Expat clients.

For our Foreign National loan programs, borrowers living overseas do not need to have U.S. credit to apply for a U.S. mortgage. We accept an international credit report from your home country or country of residence.

Our U.S. Expat loans are identical to walking into your local U.S. bank but very specific to earning your income abroad. Getting a conventional mortgage can be frustrating, problematic, and time-consuming when you don’t fit the standard “box.” Where you earn your income shouldn’t be a negative factor when applying for a home mortgage, but it often is.

We also understand some real estate investors do not have established credit in their home country or that country doesn’t have a standard credit reporting agency.

U.S. Residential Mortgages U.S. Residential Mortgages

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