HNW Solutions

"As a super-broker, we connect our high-net-worth clients to our network of lenders globally. Our team of former investment and private bankers work with sophistication to offer solutions for your financing needs."

Donald Klip


High-Net-Worth Financing Solutions

High-net-worth clients have become more sophisticated, often investing in projects across the globe. However, it is not easy to find financing solutions outside their private banks, and more importantly, private banks will always require collateral to lend against. Most private banks are also regulated by their local regulations in how much they can lend, such as TDSR in Singapore.

Our team works with private banks, high-net-worth clients, family offices, and external asset managers for asset-backed financing solutions.

Financing Solutions

  • High-value Bridge Loans
  • Share Financing
  • Aviation and Vessel Financing
  • Crypto Financing
  • Fund and Pre-IPO Placement
  • Asian Currency Solutions
  • Insurance Premium Financing

Referral Partners

  • Estate and Succession planning
  • Tax, Trust, and Corporate Liability
  • Crypto Advisory

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