"Sometimes referred to as the Monaco of Asia, Singapore's low taxes, quality of life and safe environment, make it an ideal destination for overseas property investors, especially with the global High Net Worth."

Donald Klip


Singapore Mortgages

A recent survey by Mercer Consulting showed that Singapore ranks the highest in quality of life and safety among all cities in Asia.

Meanwhile, the government’s forward-thinking policies, which focus on greater connectivity and sustainability of resources, have allowed the nation to develop its economy and infrastructure.

Considering its relatively small geographic footprint and the scarcity of resources, Singapore’s ability to think differently is what sets it apart from other destinations in Asia.

Especially for the High Net Worth investors, Singapore has some of the best schools in Asia and some of the most beautiful landed homes and condos globally. It’s no wonder, Dyson, Google, Bridgewater, and Facebook founders (to name a few) have all set up family offices here.

With rates at an all-time low, it’s never been a better time.

Singapore Mortgages Singapore Mortgages

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