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Nestled on France's southern coast, near the Italian frontier, the French Riviera showcases some of the most enchanting towns you could envision. With its chic allure, this region has magnetized celebrities for generations. Boasting approximately 300 sunlit days annually, its climate is nothing short of ideal. From designer boutiques, to the array of nearly 40 Michelin-starred restaurants, it's a destination of elegance. It's also a thriving community of English and American expatriates.


Surrounded by both the majestic mountains and the serene sea, the Riviera promises a perfect balance. While the coast will be your regular retreat, snow-capped peaks are always within reach for a winter getaway. Explore the top places to reside in the Riviera:

  • Antibes: Originating from the 16th century, Antibes exudes a maze-like ambiance. Renowned for its breathtaking golden glow, which has attracted artists over the centuries, it houses magnificent villas in the wooded Cap d'Antibes. 
  • Cannes: Apart from the high-end boutiques and its iconic film festival, Cannes is a stone's throw from the secluded Lérins Islands. 
  • Nice: As one of the significant French cities, Nice offers a vibrant nightlife, chic boutiques, and diverse museums. 
  • Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat: This petite peninsula is the address for some of the Riviera's most luxurious estates and also offers upscale dining options and serene beaches with panoramic views.
  • Saint-Tropez: Famed for its pristine beaches and dynamic clubs, Saint-Tropez is a haven for entertainment seekers but also has developed into a family holiday destination. 

Now to the good stuff....


Problem: Securing financing for Foreign Nationals to purchase property in France has always been difficult - time zone, language, lack of understanding for both lender and borrower, and other issues. Most banks and financing institutions are not focused on Foreign Nationals as the domestic market is strong, and they have enough business to satisfy them.

The GMG Solution: Our GMG European Lender Acquisition team has worked with a few smaller private banks to create a financing solution for our international clientele with a structure that suits their specific needs. 


For Foreign Nationals seeking finance in this exclusive domain, banks have set specific benchmarks to evaluate potential candidates.

1. Geographical Preference

  • Prime Locations: It's imperative for the property in question to be situated in sought-after areas. This encompasses regions such as Paris, leading stations in The French Alps, and The French Riviera.
  • Emerging Desirability: The South West has been gaining traction recently, making it an area of interest for Private Banks.

2. Property Type

  • Prospective properties should fall under categories such as: Luxury Apartments, Modern Residences, Contemporary Villas, Maisons de Maître, Manoirs, or Impeccably Refurbished Chateaux (case-by-case basis).

3. Loan Size

  • Minimum loan amount is €1M, excluding ancillary fees.

4. Our 100% LTV Solution!

  • In this structure, the client will invest a portion of funds equal to 30-50% of the loan amount into an interest-earning product.
  • In return, the bank will finance 100% of the purchase amount of the property (excluding fees)! 
  • Client earns investment income, which may be more than the interest paid on the mortgage = positive carry.

5. Age Bracket

  • Applicants should be no older than 65 years at the submission time, with a preference for those below 60.

6. Financial Overview

  • Generally, the focus is on High Net Worth (HNW) individuals, specifically those boasting a net valuation exceeding €2M. Liquid assets or readily available cash remains a pivotal factor in discussions.


Purchase price: €1,000,000
Loan amount: €1,000,000 (100% LTV)
Interest rate: 4.50%
Loan duration: 20 years
Loan type: Principal + Interest

Investment amount: €500,000 (50% of loan amount)
Investment return: 4.50% Compounded 

The 100% LTV mortgage
€1,000,000 @ 4.50% for 20 years
= Total mortgage interest PAID = €518,359

The interest-earning investment for 50% of loan amount
€500,000 investment @ 4.50% “Compounded” for 20 years 
= Investment value end of Year 20 = €1,205,000 - €500,000 principal
= Total interest EARNED = €705,000

€705,000 EARNED - €518,359 PAID
= Net POSITIVE cash flow = €186,641

That is to say, the bank will give you a positive carry-trade for using their mortgage, and not only is the mortgage FREE, you MAKE money!


Navigating property acquisition in France is smoother with the guidance of a property buyer's agent familiar with the region and the nuances of French property transactions. Once you've found your dream home, the steps are as follows:

  • Proposal Submission: You'll submit a written proposal. This will be forwarded to the property owner for a response. If the proposal gains approval, both parties – the buyer and the seller – will endorse the 'Compromis de Vente.' This preliminary agreement outlines the property specifics and the sale terms. As the transaction progresses, especially during conveyancing, certain terms in this contract might undergo modifications.
  • Reflection Window: Following this, there's a 10-day cooling-off window. During this phase, should you reconsider the purchase, you can withdraw without repercussions. Specifically, the 5-10% earnest money you've placed as a deposit is fully refundable.
  • Financing Initiatives: At this juncture, the financial groundwork commences (details above).
  • Conveyancing Phase: Post cooling-off window, the conveyancing phase kicks off. This process, extending up to three months, involves a series of property evaluations, all supervised by the notaire.
  • Finalization: After a thorough review and addressing any reservations, the concluding payment is made to the notaire. Subsequently, both parties validate the 'Act de Vente,' essentially the property's title deed.

In conclusion, owning a home in the South of France is now achievable for non-residents with our new GMG Luxury France Mortgages! I hope I get an invite to visit you one day! 

Global Mortgage Group offers innovative financing solutions to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele, including Overseas Expats, Foreign Nationals, Family Offices, Investment Funds, High-Net-Worth Clients, and Private Banks. Contact us at [email protected] to start your Riviera investment journey today!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or my personal mobile +65 9773-0273

Global Mortgage Group Successfully Funds $38.5 Million Singapore Asset-Based Bridging Loan for Good Class Bungalow

Global Mortgage Group (GMG), a leading international mortgage originator, is proud to announce the successful funding of a $38.5 million asset-based bridging loan for a luxury Good Class Bungalow (GCB) property in Singapore. The loan enabled the owner to complete the acquisition of another company by leveraging on this prime real estate. 

With a strong commitment to empowering Singapore real estate investors and homeowners with bespoke financial solutions, GMG specialises in catering to the unique needs of high-net-worth (HNW) individuals and foreigners seeking to access liquidity without the need for a deep dive into personal and company financials. GMG offers these customised liquidity solutions worldwide, including U.S.A., Australia, U.K., Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Dubai. 

Located in one of Singapore's most sought-after neighbourhoods, the GCB offers unrivalled luxury and privacy, making it a prime investment in Singapore's thriving property market. The loan was structured to meet the client's funding needs and exit timeline at a 72% LTV (loan-to-value) with an 18-month interest servicing-only tenor. This closing marks GMG's successful funding in excess of over $350 million in bridging loans in Singapore this year alone. 

"We are thrilled to have facilitated this substantial asset-backed bridge loan for our client. Our team of experienced financial analysts structured a tailored solution that met the client's specific requirements, enabling them to capitalise on this unique investment opportunity to expand their business. From the initial discussion to funding, the process took only 12 days." said Madel Tan, Singapore Head for Global Mortgage Group. "We have seen an upward trend in market demand for bridging loans that offer flexibility and liquidity to our HNW clients."

GMG's expertise in providing efficient asset-based bridge loans for high-value properties allows their clients access to an extensive network of lenders with bespoke programs. Their commitment to excellence extends to simplifying what is often a complex real estate transaction. 

About Global Mortgage Group:

Global Mortgage Group is a leading international mortgage originator that specialises in offering customised financial solutions for high-net-worth individuals and foreign investors. With a track record of successfully funding significant real estate transactions in Singapore and globally, Global Mortgage Group provides flexible and personalised mortgage options to meet the diverse needs of its clients worldwide.

For more information, please visit  or get in touch with Madel Tan, Director and Head of Singapore at, +65 9634 5623 or [email protected].

GMG Listed Shares Financing – Now Available

As you may have read in our previous emails, real estate bridging loans have been the most active part of our business this year as traditional bank financing has tightened globally.

When the need for liquidity arises with a short time window to fund, we can use the value of the property as collateral for a short-term loan. 

In Singapore, we are the leaders in high-value real estate bridging financing for HNW individuals, with nearly $400M in funded bridging finance deals YTD. For more details, refer to our recent press release highlighting a recent transaction.

We offer short-term asset-backed loans against real estate in: USA, Singapore, Canada, UK, HK, Thailand, Philippines, and Australia.

Now, we have another asset-backed solution!   

Listed shares…..

What is listed-share financing?

Simply put, share financing helps investors by utilizing their existing shares to fund new investments without having to sell any of their shares. 

Capitalization through investment, a stock loan, or other liquidity and financing transactions allows owners of publicly traded stock the flexibility to gain access to the locked-up value of their freely traded stock position.

GMG Share Financing is designed specifically for corporations, its employees, officers, and major holders of publicly traded companies while providing total privacy to our clients.

Our process is quick, transparent, and completely confidential.  

Financing proceeds can be used for personal or business purposes or to diversify or hedge current stock positions.  

Funding is quick, with a transaction closing in as little as 3 to 7 business days. 

Terms of providing you with liquidity and funding are based on evaluation of the risk and future performance associated with the securities involved in the transaction. 

The transaction term is typically three years, with Interest payments or Maintenance Fees on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.  

Financing and provision of liquidity are interest only or accompanied by modest Maintenance Fees, and additionally, are non-recourse.

The recipient of funding has the option of simply walking away at any time with no further liability and no personal or corporate guarantees. 

In the event of a default, there is no report to any credit bureaus or governmental agencies, nor is there a file of public notice. There is no adverse consequence to the client’s credit.

Listed share financing is available in:

Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America, and the Middle East.  

Our Lenders

Our stock lenders are privately held asset-based lending companies that provide individuals and institutions with flexible, customized non-recourse high-value stock loans.

When Banks say NO, we say YES!

Our lenders are also uniquely positioned to provide stock loans and secured share financing even when banks, brokerage firms, and securities houses are unwilling or unable to do so; this is due to their global market reach, extensive relationships, and applicable jurisdictional law. 

Benefits of GMG Share Financing

  • Fast transaction & funding 
  • Non-recourse 
  • No personal or corporate guarantee
  • No credit reporting in the event of a default 
  • Private & confidential
  • Quick closing
  • Reduce the need for traditional bank recourse financing
  • No out-of-pocket expenses or upfront fees
  • Low interest rates or maintenance fees
  • Fair share pricing using a three or five-day average 
  • Flexible terms 
  • Large transaction amounts accepted 

Transaction Process

1. Submit a stock for a quote

2. Term Sheet issued

3. Term Sheet signed

4. KYC info for shareholder and shareholder info provided to the Lender 

5. Agreement provided to Shareholder

For specific information on rates and terms, please reach out to our team at [email protected] or contact me directly at +65 9773-0273.

Australia Mortgage Update – Why we are better than banks!

High Net Worth Mortgage Broker

Australia has consistently been one of the strongest real estate markets for overseas buyers and continues to be despite the rate increases. 

Here is a snapshot our GMG Australia+ mortgage program and what makes our loan program unique:

1. Land + Home

Traditional banks excel in downtown condos but shy away from construction loans, especially in suburbs and rural areas. GMG Australia+ loan program defies norms.

When banks say "NO," we say "YES."

2. High LTV

Unlike traditional lenders with caps on LTV ratios, GMG Australia+ takes a different approach. We offer up to 85% LTV for purchases and 80% for cash-out, exceeding the usual 75% cap that banks have.

Unlock investment potential with GMG Australia+!

3. Refi/Cash-Out

We have loan programs that allow borrowers to Refi/Cash-Out of Australia. This unique feature empowers you to tap into the equity of your Australian assets, granting you greater financial flexibility. Imagine accessing funds to fuel new ventures, expand investments, or fulfill personal goals. With GMG Australia+, you're not just securing a mortgage - you're gaining a tool to shape your financial future.

4. Transparency

Our new loan programs track RBA rates explicitly. While the RBA's cash rate stays at 4.1%, our non-resident loans are around mid-7%. Unlike banks like HSBC, whose loans are around 6.5%, their rates don't come down quickly with RBA changes - Not the case with GMG Australia+ mortgages!

5. Downloadable PDF

For detailed rates and terms of our GMG Australia+ mortgage programs please click here for the downloadable PDF.

For more information please contact Leonard Lee, Head of Australia, at [email protected] or +65 8282-5388.

Want to Own a Tech Company? Get a 30-Year Mortgage

Bridging Loan Canada

In the tech world, you will hear terms like “platform” and why they are so valued by investors. These are the Amazons and Facebooks of the world and it's because once they cover their fixed costs, as their revenue grows, so does their profitability. It’s also called operating leverage.

In a way, so is owning an investment property with a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. Your fixed costs are flat for 30 years (and if rates fall, you can refinance to a lower rate), but rental income and property values increase over time.

Rental prices, in particular, have been rising considerably, especially during the last 12 months, despite a rise in interest rates given the lack of property supply and also the marginal buyer who cannot own at 7% mortgage rates is forced to rent.

In a perverse way, the rate increases have made it a better environment to own an investment property, especially in states like Texas and Florida, where families prefer to migrate to, given low state taxes and affordable cost of living.

Here is a visual to explain this important point:

Amy, a savvy homebuyer living in Hong Kong, purchased her dream investment home in Los Angeles back in 2010. Recognising the benefits of a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, she secured a loan at an interest rate of 5.25%. This meant that her monthly mortgage payment would be approximately $2,185.

  • Home price in 2010: $500,000
  • Rental price in 2010: $2,300/month
  • Monthly mortgage payment in 2010: $2,185/month
  • Home price in 2023: $2,000,000
  • Rental price in 2023: $4,500/month
  • Monthly mortgage payment in 2023: $2,185/month

As you can see, Amy's monthly mortgage payments have remained the same over the years, while rental prices have steadily increased. This has resulted in a significant financial advantage for Amy.

Only in the U.S.!

The United States is the only country in the world that offers homeowners a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, which provides stability and predictability. This means that your monthly mortgage payments will remain the same for the entire loan term, even if interest rates fluctuate. This can be a huge advantage, as it gives you peace of mind and financial security. When interest rates do go down in the future, you can refinance your mortgage and take advantage of the lower rate. This could save you a significant amount of money over the life of your loan.

What are 30-Year Fixed Interest Rates?

A 30-year fixed interest rate is a mortgage loan with an interest rate that remains constant throughout the loan's entire term, typically three decades. This stability and predictability make it an attractive option for many homebuyers.

Advantages of 30-Year Fixed Rates:

  • Predictable Payments: Homebuyers benefit from knowing their mortgage payments will remain consistent over the long term. This predictability allows for better financial planning and budgeting.
  • Long-Term Stability: A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage offers homeowners extended stability. In uncertain economic times, this type of mortgage shields borrowers from sudden fluctuations in interest rates.
  • Protection from Market Volatility: Homebuyers can take advantage of historically low-interest rates when they lock in their mortgage for 30 years, safeguarding themselves from potential future rate hikes.

Key Takeaways

  • Foreign nationals can purchase homes in the United States, but they may face additional challenges, such as obtaining a mortgage.
  • A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage can provide stability and predictability for foreign nationals who are buying homes in the United States.
  • The cost of renting can increase over time, while the cost of a mortgage payment can remain the same.

Amy's case study shows that a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage can be a wise financial decision for foreign nationals who are buying homes in the United States. By locking in a fixed interest rate, Amy was able to protect herself from market volatility and ensure that her monthly mortgage payments would remain the same for 30 years. This gave her peace of mind and financial security, even as rental prices in her area increased.

Global Mortgage Group is a leading international mortgage originator specialising in offering customised financial solutions for residential real estate in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, and Australia.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more. Visit for more information.

Liquidity on Demand: Real Estate Bridge Loans for Savvy Investors

Liquidity on Demand - Mortgage Rates Singapore

In the world of real estate investing, opportunities often arise that demand swift action and access to immediate liquidity. Whether it's seizing a lucrative investment, capitalising on a time-sensitive deal, or making cash available to expand your business, savvy investors need a financial solution that bridges the gap or "bridge" between the present and the future. 

Enter real estate bridge loans – a powerful tool that provides experienced and sophisticated international real estate investors with the flexibility and speed they need to navigate the dynamic landscape of property transactions. 

In this article, we delve into why real estate bridge loans are not only for the Ultra High Net Worth and now has emerged as an excellent option for anyone seeking liquidity – a true game-changer in the market.

Real Estate Bridge Loans

1. Global Offering:

  • GMG offers Bridge Financing in these countries, by far the most comprehensive coverage for any financing company globally.
  • USA, Canada, U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Philippines, and Dubai, to name a few.

2. Speed and Surety: 

  • One of the most significant advantages of real estate bridge loans is their ability to expedite transactions. Traditional financing methods, such as mortgages or bank loans, often involve lengthy, often complicated approval processes and extensive paperwork, which can hinder the momentum of time-sensitive deals. 
  • Bridge loans, on the other hand, are designed for speed, enabling borrowers to access funds quickly and capitalise on time-critical opportunities. Global Mortgage Group's streamlined application process and reduced documentation requirements make bridge loans an attractive option for those seeking liquidity within a short timeframe.

3. Flexibility to Maximise Returns: 

  • Real estate investments come in various shapes and sizes, and each opportunity demands a unique approach. Bridge loans provide investors with the flexibility they need to customise their financial strategies. 
  • Whether it's acquiring distressed properties, renovating assets, or transitioning between different projects, bridge loans offer borrowers the freedom to act on their investment ideas without being constrained by rigid terms and conditions. 
  • This flexibility empowers international real estate investors to make swift decisions, seize opportunities, and maximise their returns. 

4. Mitigating Risks and Overcoming Hurdles: 

  • Real estate transactions often encounter obstacles and uncertainties that can hinder the flow of traditional financing.  
  • Bridge loans have proven to be a reliable solution for overcoming these hurdles and mitigating risks. 
  • For instance, investors may face challenges when purchasing properties that do not meet the stringent criteria of conventional lenders, such as distressed assets or properties requiring significant renovations. 
  • Bridge loans overcome this gap by providing financing options based on the property's potential value rather than its current condition. 
  • By evaluating the underlying asset's potential, bridge loans offer borrowers the ability to navigate challenging circumstances and unlock hidden value.

5. Competitive Advantage: 

  • In a highly competitive real estate market, having a competitive edge can make all the difference. 
  • Real estate bridge loans provide international real estate investors with a unique advantage by allowing them to act swiftly and confidently. This advantage allows borrowers to negotiate more effectively, secure desirable properties, and position themselves as reliable buyers in the eyes of sellers. 
  • By leveraging the liquidity and flexibility bridge loans offer, investors can differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the competition. 

6. Seamless Transition and Timing: 

  • In the real estate market, timing is everything.
  • Bridge loans enable investors to align their financial strategies seamlessly, eliminating the need to wait for the sale of existing properties or long-term financing to materialise. 
  • These loans allow borrowers to secure the necessary funds quickly, ensuring a smooth transition from one project to another. 
  • By bridging the gap between selling one property and purchasing another, investors can maintain their momentum and capture opportunities that may otherwise be missed.


Global Mortgage Group presents real estate bridge loans as an excellent option for those seeking liquidity in the dynamic world of real estate. With the ability to facilitate swift transactions, offer flexibility, provide bespoke structure, mitigate risks, ensure seamless timing, and deliver a competitive advantage, these bridge loans have become an invaluable tool for investors. 

While America Mortgages, a subsidiary of GMG, specializes in U.S. bridging loans, GMG's expertise extends worldwide through its offering of global bridging loans. Whether you're in the United States, Australia, Canada, U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Philippines, Dubai, or anywhere else, GMG and its subsidiary, America Mortgages, are the trusted firms relied upon by investors worldwide. To learn more about our comprehensive financing solutions, visit or

Next stop Shibuya Station…

Shibuya Station- Global Mortgage Group

One of the biggest surprises for me this year has been how popular Japan has been as an investment destination. Whether it's a small condo in Ginza for an individual investor or a multi-unit apartment building in Roppongi for a family office - demand has been strong and consistent over the past 12 months, but especially over the last 6 months. I think part of it is the exchange rate, and the JPY is back on a weakening trend and close to the 5-year low of JPY 145 to the USD - but part of it is how affordable real estate is and the quality of the finished product.   

In 2022 we created our “GMG Concierge Service” because more investors, namely family offices, asked us to source real estate for them alongside offering the financing. Although driven by demand from our clients, that decision proved to be a big winner for us as we successfully helped acquire 5 multi-family buildings in Tokyo over the past 12 months and are just getting started. Message me below to learn more. 

We all know Japan is a popular tourist destination known for its vibrant cities, rich cultural history, and beautiful landscapes. This has made it a highly desirable location for property investments. In addition to these attractions, Japan also offers a number of other factors that make it a good investment market, including:

  • Exceptional rental income prospects: Demand for rental properties in Japan is surprisingly high. According to Japan Property Central, apartments in central Tokyo deliver a rental yield between 4-5%, outperforming other global cities such as New York and London. 

  • Encouraging price appreciation forecast: The Japanese real estate market has been on an upward trend in recent years, and there is no sign of this slowing down. According to the Japan Real Estate Institute, Japanese property prices have steadily risen since 2013, with a 2.7% hike in 2021 and a 2.9% surge in 2022. This means that investors can also expect to see their property values increase over time.

  • Affordable cost of living: Despite its reputation for high costs, Japan's living expenses are comparably low for developed countries. This cost-effectiveness can benefit investors managing properties while seeking to minimize expenses. The average cost of living in Japan is about 20% lower than in the United States.

According to the Japan Real Estate Institute, the number of foreign national investors in the Japanese real estate market has increased significantly in recent years. In 2022, there were over 100,000 foreign national investors in the Japanese real estate market, up from just 50,000 in 2013. This growth is being driven by a number of factors, including the strong performance of the Japanese economy, the low cost of living in Japan, and the growing popularity of Japan as a tourist destination.

Foreign investors have been pouring money into Japanese hotels at a scale unseen in years. In the past 12 months, overseas buyers have invested a total of $3.7 billion in Japanese hotels, according to data from research firm MSCI Real Assets. This is the highest level of investment since 2014.

In the past year, overseas buyers made up 47% of hotel deals that closed in Japan, which is notable because hotels make up about a tenth of real estate deal activity in the nation, said Benjamin Chow, MSCI’s Asia head of real assets research. Foreign investors have historically been more drawn to residential or retail properties, but they are now increasingly interested in hotels as well.

Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are the most popular destinations for foreign national investors in Japan. These cities offer a variety of investment opportunities, including residential properties, commercial properties, and land. Foreign national investors can also benefit from several government programs designed to attract foreign investment in the Japanese real estate market.   

Japan real estate investment for International Buyers

If you are considering investing in Japanese real estate, GMG can help you navigate the market and find the right property for your investment goals. GMG offers a variety of mortgage products for international investors, including fixed-rate and variable-rate mortgages, as well as a variety of repayment terms. GMG also provides legal and tax consultation, property management, and purchase process guidance, making your investment journey smoother.

To learn more about investing in Japanese real estate with GMG, please visit our website,, or contact us today. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started on your investment journey.

GMG Concierge Service

GMG offers an exclusive concierge program that provides investors with access to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • A dedicated account manager who will work with you to find the right property for your investment goals.
  • Access to a portfolio of exclusive secondary properties in Tokyo and Yokohama.
  • Discounts on property management fees and other services.
  • Access to new projects in Niseko, Tokyo, and Kyoto.

To learn more about GMG's exclusive concierge program, please visit our website,, or contact us at [email protected] today.

Join our Global Affiliate Program today!

Mortgage Loan Canada

Are you a current or former client advisor or private banker?

Do you have a substantial social media following or a strong network of contacts?

Do you want to make significant commissions with simple referrals?

With bank lending becoming more difficult globally, there is an urgent need for alternative lending options!

This is where we can help your clients!

When banks say NO, we say YES!

Our Global Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity for you to monetize your relationships to earn a significant income.

About Us:

Global Mortgage Group is a Singapore-based real estate financing brokerage servicing the needs of our international clients. We specialize in financing solutions where banks are unable or unwilling to lend AND have a wide range of solutions to fit the needs of almost any borrower looking for financing globally.  

Our Products include:  

1 - Global Residential Real Estate Financing in:

USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Dubai, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, and Australia (adding more regularly).  

2 - Short Term Bridging Loans in:

USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand 

3 - Structured Real Estate Credit in:

USA, UK, and most Asian countries 

4 - Listed Share Financing in:

HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Australia.

APPLY NOW! Become one of our exclusive Affiliate Partners today.

Next Steps:

Joining our affiliate program is effortless, with no upfront costs. Once enrolled, you'll receive a distinctive affiliate link that you can use to promote our specialized mortgage products and services. When someone clicks on your link and secures a mortgage with us, you'll earn a commission.

The commission structure is designed to reward your efforts with varying rates based on the type of financing obtained. 

But it doesn't stop there. Our affiliate program boasts numerous benefits that set you up for success:

• Quick and hassle-free registration

• No upfront costs

• Significant commission potential

• Wide range of products and services to promote

• Strong marketing team to help you promote our products and services

Whether you have a finance-related website, a real estate blog, or a significant social media following, our affiliate program is tailor-made for you. 

The Global Affiliate Program is your gateway to financial success.

Visit our website to learn more about our affiliate program and how you can get started or reach out to us at [email protected] today.

Our 3 Types of Global Property Loans

France Residential Mortgages

Here are our 3 types of real estate financing solutions.

1. International Residential

In these countries, we offer onshore financing options. Our value-added is our relationships with local in-country banks, which we have developed over many years and would be hard for an international borrower to access.

Our partners are traditional banks, regional banks, wholesale lenders, and private banks, to name a few. Depending on the country, the minimum loan amount is $500,000 ($150,000 in the U.S. and Thailand).

In the U.S., our service is through our wholly-owned subsidiary, America Mortgages.

Available in these countries:

The AmericasEuropeMENAAsia
CanadaFranceHong Kong

2. Global Bridge Lending 

This has been by far our most popular financing request this year, especially since traditional bank lending has been curtailed globally and the need for liquidity is required. These loans are normally first-lien, 1-3 years in tenure, and use the value of the underlying asset to qualify. Loan amounts range between $1-100M.

Here the value proposition is fast funding times, high loan-to-value, and flexibility. Typical use of proceeds are: to purchase more property, make personal investments, improve cash flow, make debt repayment, refurbishment, and cash out before sale, to name a few.

Available in these countries:

The AmericasEuropeMENAAsia
CanadaFranceHong Kong

3. Structured Real Estate Credit

These are larger, more complicated structures, often involving multiple levels of the credit stack. The minimum loan amount is $50M (lower on a case-by-case basis). Typical use of proceeds are: acquisition financing, last-mile development financing, construction loan, special situations, and distressed opportunities, to name a few.

Available in these countries:

The AmericasEuropeMENAAsia
CanadaFranceHong Kong

Our corporate material:

Global Mortgage GroupAmerica Mortgages
GMG Corporate ProfileAM Corporate Profile
International Loan ProgramsForeign National Loan Programs
Global Specialty LendingU.S. Expat Loan Programs 
Global Bridging LoansHigh Net Worth Loan Programs

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions relating to real estate financing anywhere in the world.

Donald Klip
Global Mortgage Group & America Mortgages

[email protected]