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Global Stamp Duty Comparison For International Real Estate Investors

STAMP DUTY COMPARISONS FOR INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT DESTINATIONS For international real estate investors who intend to use the property to earn income, the numbers have to make sense. The definition of Stamp Duty is a tax that the government places on legal documents, usually involving the transfer of real estate or other assets, and…

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USA #1 Destination, Says Knight Frank APAC Outlook 2023

In our first article of the year, we want to reference the recently-published “Knight Frank’s APAC Real Estate Outlook 2023”. This report is particularly relevant given that their target audience and readers of UHNWI, HNW, and Global Family Offices are the same as ours. We work with private banks, client advisors, external asset managers, real…

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What does JP Morgan and Blackstone’s multi-billion dollar U.S. real estate buying spree mean for you?

More than $1 billion worth of single-family rentals will be acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s asset management division, while Blackstone is looking to invest $120 billion in real estate. Notably, most of Blackstone’s investment is in REITs. This is a sign that the current U.S. housing market hasn’t scared investors away from suburban housing.…

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Top U.S. High Schools & Property Investment Guide

Over the past few months, we surveyed over 1,000 of our clients and partners globally with the following question: “What is the key consideration for owning an investment property in the U.S.?” The top 3 answers were: 1. Education2. Price and Affordability3. Profit/Income Potential In this report, we look at the top public and private…

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Spain Property Investments: Benefits + GMG Mortgage Options  

Property Investment in Spain  If you find yourself enjoying pristine beaches, sangria, and architectural masterpieces, Spain might just be the destination for you. The beautiful coastal region is surrounded by three sides of the Mediterranean Sea, offering stunning views of scenic coastlines. Such attractions have allured an intense interest in foreign buyers, driving up property…

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Why Dubai is a Great City for Property Investment

Due to the sheer amount of investment opportunities, Dubai has become an attractive target for international investors. Expats looking to live and work in leading global business hubs that offer a luxurious quality of life and a good working environment have Dubai as a top option. Here is what you need to know about investing…

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