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Interview with August One: Portugal Investment + Residency Program

GMGadvisor presents…. This week, we are doing something a little different and discussing the wildly popular Portugal Golden Visa Program. I learned quite a bit from this interview and wanted to share the findings with our audience.  The Portugal Golden Visa has been very popular with U.S., Canada, and Asia-based clients looking to lower their cost…

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Dubai Property – Financing Update (good news!) + How-to guide

Did you know that Dubai offers the highest rental yield of any major city globally at 12%? Our Dubai-based team has updated their loan program to make it easier and more accessible for international investors (details below).  Cities with high rental yields normally don’t see dramatic price appreciation, and vice versa, but Dubai is blessed…

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Global Cities Price & Rental Yield Comparison

Our research team has put together fantastic comparisons of the average property prices of the major global cities and their respective rental yields. As you can see, property prices are high in the world’s major global cities, and gross rental yields are generally under 4% in local currency. More importantly, limited financing is available for…

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How to determine which state to buy in?

As a professional investor for most of my life, I have developed systems to derive my investment choices.  For real estate, I prioritise positive cash flow and, to a lesser extent, capital appreciation, although both are correlated.  Real estate investment is not to be confused with a second home, pied-de-terre, or vacation home. These are…

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Canadian Mortgages

Q&A: Need Liquidity? Discover Singapore Short-Term Bridge Loans

During our recent live webinar on “Need Liquidity? Discover Singapore Short-Term Bridge Loans,” our expert host, Madel Tan (MT), received numerous questions from participants. For those who have missed the opportunity to join the webinar, it is available here.  Remarks have been edited for clarity and brevity. Q1: What is the typical funding timeline? MT: Typically,…

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Qualify without showing income!

Banks DO NOT want you to know this! Millions of homebuyers face this problem every day.  You write off too much and don’t show enough income to qualify for a traditional mortgage, or you are an entrepreneur with a lumpy income. In both of these scenarios (and many others), you would not be able to…

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