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"Ex-post, Ex-ante" + Family Office uses bridge loan to buy Retail/Office building

“Ex-post, Ex-ante” + Family Office uses bridge loan to buy Retail/Office building

Ex-post The worsening energy crisis in Europe has taken the front page of most media channels this week as the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a 1,200 km natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, remains close, which is driving the Euro to a 20-year low vs. USD. The BBC reports that the annual energy bill for…

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Ex-post, Ex-ante + Which States are Equity-rich?

Ex-post Biden cancels $10,000 in student debt – timing before the mid-term elections are interesting, but no one can deny that it is a big problem that is stifling growth in many ways. The main event was Federal Reserve chairman Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole, which was a reminder that inflation is being treated more…

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Buyers Guide to California Pt 2 – Demographics

CALIFORNIA Californication, Red Hot Chili Peppers In last week’s “Buyer’s Guide to California Pt 1 – Education Matters,,” we discussed why Education is an important driver of where overseas borrowers choose to invest in real estate.  In that report, we looked at the top 50 Public, and Private high schools, average ACT/SAT scores, Median Household…

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“Ex-post, Ex-ante” + When rates will fall

Welcome to our newly revamped weekly product, where we do a quick summary of salient news over the past week and what to expect the following week and beyond. It took a while to think of a catchy name for our weekly and we hope you like it. We also plan to include our house…

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Buyers Guide to California - Education drives prices and rents

Buyers Guide to California – Education drives prices and rents

CALIFORNIA “California, Here we come” Phantom Planet (click for an awesome Indie rock song from 2002) We are super excited to kick off our “Buyer’s Guide to U.S. Real Estate” series, where we go in-depth into the main U.S. states for property investment purchases, starting with California! We also have a surprise guest at the…

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Have short-term liquidity needs? GMG Bridging Loans can help!

“Bridge over Troubled Water” Simon & Garfunkel Globally, but especially in the main overseas investor markets like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, the housing market has seen intense competition, massive price surges, and dwindling inventory since 2020 – but if you’re a real estate investor, all of that may be about to change, and…

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