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How Trump vs. Harris + The Fed will affect you?

I want to focus on how the election outcome and Fed rate cuts will affect the economy, interest rates and real estate prices. Everyone has their own view on who they want as president, but the current odds are that Trump will win the election. However, as we all know, anything can happen so we…

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Unlocking Dubai Mortgages: A Guide for Expats and Overseas Investors Transcript

Learn about mortgage options, eligibility criteria, Golden Visa opportunities, necessary documentation, and remote mortgage possibilities when buying real estate in Dubai.

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Global Property Investor – U.K. Home Prices Forecast Up 3.5%

Canada Canada’s housing market saw a 3.7% increase in home sales in June 2024, driven by a Bank of Canada rate cut. However, prices are still below last year’s levels, and consumer sentiment remains cautious. In Toronto, property listings have surged to the highest in over a decade as homeowners rush to sell before facing…

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Q&A: Unlocking Dubai Mortgages: A Guide for Expats and Overseas Investors

Khurram Asif, Manager for Dubai Mortgages, and Robert Chadwick explored the dynamic landscape of Dubai’s real estate market. This webinar highlighted the various mortgage options, eligibility criteria, and Golden Visa opportunities. For those who couldn’t attend, the recording is now accessible here. Khurram Asif (KA) and Robert Chadwick (RC) addressed a range of inquiries, providing…

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Global Real Estate Update: Positive Market Trends for International Investors

Here is the latest roundup of global real estate trends in key real estate markets around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, these insights can help inform your global investment strategy. Australia The Australian housing market is facing varied price increases over the next year. Smaller capitals like Perth and…

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global home - Bridging Loan Canada

Need cash? Your global home equity can help!

Has your international property appreciated in value? If so, your equity—the portion of the property you own—has likely increased as well!  A popular way to tap into this growing equity without selling your home is through a conventional Cash-out refinancing or Asset-backed bridging loan. Quick Comparison Bridging loan Approval 48 hours Funding in as fast as 7 days…

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