The Client

Our client is Hong Kong businessman who travels to Europe several times a year with his family.

How we Helped

Our client wanted to purchase an apartment in the Golden Triangle, a safe area with good food and “shopping for the wife”, as he puts it. He wasn’t expecting to take out a mortgage but after a referral by his private bank, he realized the rate was too good to pass up. The interest-only option was something that really appealed to him.

NationalityResidenceOccupationProperty ValueLoan Amount
Hong KongHong Kong BusinessmanEuro 5,900,000Euro 3,000,000
Loan to valueRateTermProperty Details
50%1.5% (Interest-Only)10 yearsLuxury apartment, Avenue Montagne, Paris
NationalityHong Kong
ResidenceHong Kong
Property Value Euro 5,900,000
Loan AmountEuro 3,000,000
Loan to value50%
Rate1.5% (Interest-Only)
Term10 years
Property DetailsLuxury apartment, Avenue Montagne, Paris

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