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New Mortgage Launch: AM Rental Coverage Plus

We absolutely LOVE the unique advantages the U.S. mortgage market has to offer over any other country. However, we get even more excited when we launch a new mortgage loan program such as the AM Rental Coverage Plus!  As a company, we focus on providing our foreign national and U.S. expat clients with the most…

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Top 5 U.S. Record-Smashing Luxury Home Sales of 2023

Despite the overall decline in home sales in 2023 due to increased interest rates, high-net-worth U.S. real estate investors remained active in the luxury market. In the third quarter of 2023, the luxury market outpaced the mainstream market, growing three times faster. According to Jason Aleem, Redfin’s Senior Vice President of Real Estate Operations, paying…

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International Mortgage

A Secret Strategy Top Real Estate Investors Use

A secret many wealthy U.S. real estate investors use is the practice of holding properties within an LLC.  Using an LLC to hold real estate for investments has almost become a given with many tax benefits, liability protection, and acceptance by lenders. If you think about it, any company earns revenue, and in this case,…

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Australia Mortgage Rates

Canadian Real Estate Outlook for 2024

Did you know we have a very active Canadian mortgage business with teams based in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto? Here is an updated copy of our GMG Canada Loan Program Canadian Real Estate Outlook for 2024…eh! Like its southern neighbor, we’ve watched the Bank of Canada hike up their benchmark interest rate. Now, there’s talk that…

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Bridge Loan Mortgage

What just happened? + How to bet alongside Blackstone!

What a year it’s been and the resiliency of asset markets in the face of everything that was thrown at it was truly amazing!    We are living through unprecedented times with technology and crypto experiencing another bull market, U.S. elections in 2024, and potential rate cuts around the world. Could we be “back to the…

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International Mortgage Broker UK

40-Year High

Between 2022-2023, the U.S. hosted over 1,000,000 international students, +12% from the previous year, the fastest growth rate in more than 40 years! (The Open Doors® 2023 Report on International Educational Exchange, Nov 13) Let me repeat this… The U.S. saw a 40-year high growth rate in international students attending U.S. universities between 2022-2023! What was also…

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France Residential Mortgages

France Alert! 100% Financing Available for Luxury French Property!

GMG Presents… Mortgages for Luxury French Property with…  100% Purchase Price Financing! THE ALLURE OF THE FRENCH RIVIERA Nestled on France’s southern coast, near the Italian frontier, the French Riviera showcases some of the most enchanting towns you could envision. With its chic allure, this region has magnetized celebrities for generations. Boasting approximately 300 sunlit…

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Shibuya Station- Global Mortgage Group

Next stop Shibuya Station…

One of the biggest surprises for me this year has been how popular Japan has been as an investment destination. Whether it’s a small condo in Ginza for an individual investor or a multi-unit apartment building in Roppongi for a family office – demand has been strong and consistent over the past 12 months, but…

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Mortgage Loan Canada

Join our Global Affiliate Program today!

Are you a current or former client advisor or private banker? Do you have a substantial social media following or a strong network of contacts? Do you want to make significant commissions with simple referrals? With bank lending becoming more difficult globally, there is an urgent need for alternative lending options! This is where we…

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