Australia Mortgage Update – Why we are better than banks!

Australia has consistently been one of the strongest real estate markets for overseas buyers and continues to be despite the rate increases. 

Here is a snapshot our GMG Australia+ mortgage program and what makes our loan program unique:

1. Land + Home

Traditional banks excel in downtown condos but shy away from construction loans, especially in suburbs and rural areas. GMG Australia+ loan program defies norms.

When banks say "NO," we say "YES."

2. High LTV

Unlike traditional lenders with caps on LTV ratios, GMG Australia+ takes a different approach. We offer up to 85% LTV for purchases and 80% for cash-out, exceeding the usual 75% cap that banks have.

Unlock investment potential with GMG Australia+!

3. Refi/Cash-Out

We have loan programs that allow borrowers to Refi/Cash-Out of Australia. This unique feature empowers you to tap into the equity of your Australian assets, granting you greater financial flexibility. Imagine accessing funds to fuel new ventures, expand investments, or fulfill personal goals. With GMG Australia+, you're not just securing a mortgage - you're gaining a tool to shape your financial future.

4. Transparency

Our new loan programs track RBA rates explicitly. While the RBA's cash rate stays at 4.1%, our non-resident loans are around mid-7%. Unlike banks like HSBC, whose loans are around 6.5%, their rates don't come down quickly with RBA changes - Not the case with GMG Australia+ mortgages!

5. Downloadable PDF

For detailed rates and terms of our GMG Australia+ mortgage programs please click here for the downloadable PDF.

For more information please contact Leonard Lee, Head of Australia, at [email protected] or +65 8282-5388.