40-Year High

Between 2022-2023, the U.S. hosted over 1,000,000 international students, +12% from the previous year, the fastest growth rate in more than 40 years! (The Open Doors® 2023 Report on International Educational Exchange, Nov 13)

Let me repeat this…

The U.S. saw a 40-year high growth rate in international students attending U.S. universities between 2022-2023!

What was also interesting was Singapore (our headquarters) and India saw record numbers of students attending U.S. colleges. 

Did you know…

We created the world’s first U.S. mortgage, which allows your child to be the tenant, AM Student+.


From our client surveys, Education was given as a key reason for their U.S. real estate investments. 

Most of the time, the objective of owning real estate to earn income almost always comes down to "could I live there one day"? 

A popular strategy for our clients is to purchase an investment property "in anticipation” of sending their child to college, set up a base in that city, and earn rental income along the way.  

Then upon college acceptance, the parents can live in the property when visiting and rent it out when it's not in use. 

Upon graduation, the price appreciation may even pay for college if they decide to sell. 

Another popular option, if the child stays in the U.S. for work, is to transfer the property to the child's name as a "graduation gift" to help build up their credit profile and/or earn rental income. Why high schools? 

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