Turn your home equity into cash!

Need cash fast?   

We can help you tap into your home equity today!

We are living in a world where the availability of credit has become nearly non-existent with retail banks preferring not to lend.  

We are conditioned to think of our local bank as the only option but in fact there are private lenders that can fill the gap where banks are unable to help.  

With 300 lenders available globally, we are confident to find a solution to meet your specific needs!

We offer home equity loans in the following countries:

SingaporeHong KongPhilippinesThailand

Typical use of funds:

RefinancingRenovationsCollege tuition
Pay off high-interest debtPersonal business needsPurchasing more property
Cash while waiting for saleDown-paymentsOther investments
  • Get approved in 24 hours and funding in as fast as 7 days
  • Up to 70% of your home’s value
  • Available for primary homes, second homes, and investment properties
  • Priority is speed of funding, certainty, and high loan-to-value
  • No age restriction in many countries

With our fast approval process, flexible terms, and international reach, we're here to support your financial needs. Reach out to our International Loan Officers today and let's turn your home equity into cash for whatever you need. Get started now!