The Client

Singapore PR with a penthouse condo in Sentosa.

The Property

Luxury penthouse condo in Sentosa valued at S$9m.

The Deal

To secure S$3,500,000 to buy out client’s business partner.

The Challenge

Client’s business struggled over the past couple years and showing cash flow was a challenge. This situation was only temporary as buying out his business partner and merging with another entity would provide significant income in the following year.

The Solution

GMG's solution, in the form of a bridge loan, was to get an asset based loan which didn’t look at the current client’s financials but took into consideration the business plan once the buyout and merger was completed.

Loan Details

Loan TypeProperty ValueLoan AmountLTVGMG Program
Bridge - cash out$9,000,000$3,500,00039%GMGSG Bridge
Loan TypeBridge - cash out
Property Value$9,000,000
Loan Amount$3,500,000
LTVup to 80%
39%GMGSG Bridge

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