The Client

One of the American curriculum schools in Bangkok wanted to offer their teachers the benefit of learning about U.S. mortgage loans.

The Property

Multiple locations

The Deal

GMG U.S. mortgage financing seminar explains the pros/cons of obtaining a U.S. mortgage in a clever and informative two hour class.

The Challenge

Foreign earned income. No W2 for U.S. citizens. Lack of credit. Some teachers not being U.S. citizens.

The Solution

GMG loan officers explained the options for U.S. Expats and for non U.S. citizens on how they can purchase or refinance U.S. real estate specifically for their situation. Being an Expat shouldn’t keep you from getting the exact benefits as any U.S. citizen when allying for a U.S. home loan. GMG are experts in U.S. Expat financing.

Loan Details

Loan TypeProperty ValueLoan AmountLTVGMG Program
Purchase or Refinance (class)min property value $150,000 min $100,000 - max $5,000,000up to 80%GMGUS Expat-2
Loan TypePurchase or Refinance (class)
Property Valuemin property value $150,000
Loan Amountmin $100,000 - max $5,000,000
LTVup to 80%
GMG ProgramGMGUS Expat-2

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