The Client

Indonesian business man with numerous business and real estate assets around the world.

The Property

Mixed use commercial property in Reno, Nevada.

The Deal

To secure a 12 month bridge loan to purchase another property in California.

The Challenge

Client had several business around the world, Indonesia, US, Canada and Thailand. While some businesses have been very successful others have struggled due to increased competition and tighter regulation. Showing current financials would be challenging.

The Solution

GMG engaged a pocket asset based lender with the understanding of the complex financial structure of each business/entity. Equity release from the commercial property in Reno, NV was sufficient enough to structure a purchase. 12 months later both properties were refinanced into low interest commercial structure loans.

Loan Details

Loan TypeProperty ValueLoan AmountLTVGMG Program
Refinance / cash out$3,450,000$1,500,00043%GMGUS Bridge 1
Loan TypeRefinance / cash out
Property Value$3,450,000
Loan Amount$1,500,000
39%GMGUS Bridge 1

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