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How to buy and manage a rental property if you live abroad

Robert Chadwick Partner and Co-Founder of Global Mortgage Group and Norbert Witthinrich from Coldwell Banker Sea Property discuss the advantages and how to handle the disadvantages of long-distance real estate investing.

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What Is Needed For Foreign National Loans?

A summary of documents required for the various loan products offered by GMG.

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Bubble In The U.S. Housing Market? We Don’t Think So, And Here’s Why…

Although no one can predict the future, the US housing market is far from becoming a bubble. The US housing market is on solid ground, well supported by consistent growth, strong demand and a business-friendly regulatory environment.

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How Do You Document Your Income?

A documentation loan is any loan that requires full information substantiating a borrower’s claims of income and assets in order to gain financing. The vast majority of loans are documentation loans.

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Advantages Of Investment Mortgage Loans Over Cash Purchases

As a U.S. real estate investor, investment mortgage loans can be very beneficial to you.

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Reasons NOT To Buy In Cash

In today’s low-inventory housing market, Real Estate investors are looking for any way to get an advantage over the other buyers when putting in an offer on a property.

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