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Singapore lawyer buys a home in Chatswood, north of Sydney.

Our client had done very deep research on how people in Sydney were slowly moving to Chatswood due to the lower cost of living.

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Filipino living in Manila buys an apartment in Melbourne.

Our client saw our webinar and contacted our sales team in Manila.

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Chinese National in HK buys a condo in downtown Sydney.

Our client contacted us after seeing our ad on WeChat!

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U.K. Citizen in London purchases vacation home in Whistler.

Our client went to university in Canada and had always planned to retire in Whistler.

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Korean professor in Singapore buys a condo in Vancouver for his son attending university.

Our client saw our video ad on social media and contacted us to see his options.

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Canadian Expat living in Asia buys condo back home in Toronto.

Our client found our ad online and saw Case Studies that exactly resonated with him.

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