A bridge loan is short-term financing, which is used to facilitate the financing of a property for a short period of time. It is used for various reasons to either acquire, maintain or improve a property with quick access to funds while more permanent financing is being arranged.

GMG Bridge is a unique arrangement with various funds globally that give Global Mortgage Group the ability to source immediate asset based capital in most countries around the word. GMG has funds and lending partners that specialise in US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and UAE. These unique relationships and volume give GMG a lot of negotiating power on behalf of the client.

"Regardless if you're in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand or UAE, GMGBridge is a viable short-term financing option to assets you may own globally and wish to keep, but have a short term liquidity issue."

"In many cases these events are unforeseen and can be resolved in a few months to a year. We understand the situation and the implications and in most cases take a loan from application to funding in a matter of 10 days. In most cases we don't like to exceed 55%LTV (loan-to-value), however, in some cases we have been able to secure as high as 70%LTV."

"Anyone that knows bridge financing, that is extremely aggressive."

Robert Chadwick | GMG

Global Mortgage Group offers bridge financing on a variety of property types:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotels and casinos
  • Land
  • Warehouses
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Mixed use residential
  • Apartment buildings
  • Luxury homes
  • Multi-family commercial

Reasons Companies or Individuals apply for bridge financing:

  • Avoiding foreclosure
  • Quick close on property
  • Partner Buy-Out
  • Apartment buildings
  • Financing a project beyond standard bank limits
  • Pay off debt

"When GMG issues a bridge loan, a viable exit strategy is in place before the loan ever funds. Normally GMGBridge loans, regardless if they are in Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, UAE or the US, the terms are relatively the same. 12-36 months interest only payments with rates ranging from 9%-15% depending on the location, rule of law and the collateral. More often than not, with the proper time frame we can refinance these assets into long-term financing through Global Mortgage Group's commercial or residential mortgage programs."

Robert Chadwick | GMG

Often GMGBridge financing is a cheaper alternative to the standard hard money or private lending options, while just as flexible underwriting and fast with turn around to fund. Both are non-standard loans acquired due to short-term or uncommon situations. A bridge loan term may be closed, only available for a pre-determined time, or open with no fixed payoff date. There may be a required payoff after a specific date. GMGBridge is normally terms of 12-36 months with interest only payments.

Global Mortgage Group, provides bridge loan financing for companies, developers and individuals on a global scale. These interim financing services have been designed to assist real estate investors with financial solutions that offer quick relief in challenging times when liquidity or cash-flow is an issue.

As one of the leading International property bridging finance companies in the market, we pride ourselves in creating long-term client-lender relationships.

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