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Hong Kong Migration Wave 2019…Is This Time Different?

Hong Kong has the most expensive property prices in the world and the market has increased consistently for 30 years with a few pullbacks – Asian Currency Crisis 1997, SARS 2003, GFC 2008 to name a few.

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Qualify For A Foreign National U.S. MORTGAGE LOAN.

It is now easier to qualify for a US mortgage loan to purchase or refinance US Real Estate even if you are NOT a US citizen or have a valid US Visa.

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The Global Mortgage Group | Gmg.

Global Mortgage Group (GMG) is a Super Broker with an emphasis on the US mortgage market. We specialise in Residential, Commercial, Construction and Bridge financing for Non US Citizen, US Expats, Family offices and Institutions.

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Global Mortgage Group Introduces GMG Bridge

Think Pieces Global Mortgage Group Introduces GMG Bridge By Team GMG May 6, 2019 A bridge loan is short-term financing used to facilitate the financing of a property for a short period of time. It is used for various reasons to either acquire, maintain or improve a property with quick access to funds while more permanent…

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Real Estate Investing For Your Children’s Future.

As a parent you likely already have a retirement fund under your belt, but have you considered alternative and traditional ways you can invest your extra cash to protect your children’s future?

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GMG PrimeSelect For U.S. Expats With Foreign Income.

Are you a U.S. Expat living abroad, filing U.S. income tax, but earning income from your overseas assignment?

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