The Global Pandemic has created many investment opportunities for those that have liquidity at hand. Bridge Loans are flexible and friendly solutions that are created to the exact needs of the borrower so more useful than bank lending. 

Contact: Robert Chadwick, CEO +65 8430-1541 (Mobile and Confidential WhatsApp)
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What Is a Bridge Loan?

As banks become more stringent on qualifying standards, structured loans are used to fill the gap where banks can not lend on.

Singapore Home-Equity Bridge Loans

In Singapore, banks have become increasingly risk-averse and unable to lend quickly, at high Loan-to-Values, based on asset value only.  

Our Home-Equity Bridge Loans have been very popular with clients who own High-Value Real Estate in Singapore and are looking to pull cash out for investment opportunities.

Our lenders for this program are primarily: Global Investment Funds, Family Offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe.

Key Loan Details:

    • 100% approval
    • Fast 2-4 weeks funding
    • High 70-80% Loan-to-Value
    • Age not a concern
    • Personal financials not required
    • Not affected by Singapore TDSR
    • No prepayment penalty
    • 12-24 month’s loan term
    • Low Interest-only payments
    • No payments for 6 months
    • Minimum $1mn, No maximum
    • Bungalow, Semi-D, Condo, Shop House & Commercial
    • Borrowers must qualify as Accredited Investors

Contact: Robert Chadwick, CEO +65 8430-1541 (Mobile and Confidential WhatsApp)
Email: [email protected]

Case Study: Singapore Bridge Loans

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