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Have you been living abroad for many years and uncertain if or how you can qualify for a US mortgage?  We help clients like you every day. There are specific programs tailored to allow you to qualify at prime rates using your US Tax Returns and foreign earned income.  

Not currently up to date on your US tax returns? It’s actually a fairly common issue living abroad. We have a solution which does not require you to provide any tax or financial documents. It’s that easy!

Recent transaction: US expat living in HK, Refinance of a California property | 4.50% 30 years fixed

GMG has a unique full income verification loan using your foreign income and US tax returns to qualify. NO W2 REQUIRED! No US Tax returns. No problem! We have a program for you.


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Not an Australian citizen? Worried the Big 4 banks have stopped lending? GMG has direct lender relationships in Australia. We have a variety of programs which are specific for non-resident mortgages. No credit history/score or No AU residency requirements. No stated income loans available. Must be able to show foreign income to qualify.

Recent transaction: Chinese National Purchased Sydney property | Verified income | 3.75% ARM

GMG has an exclusive introductory first year 4% rate under this program! Best rate available in the market for non-citizens.


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 Need to close fast and easy? We have numerous loan programs that look at the asset, not the borrower’s situation. Bridge lending or hard money can often be predatory, however, GMG’s has access to fair and reasonable terms. Can close in 10+ days. Residential, commercial or land. Available in the US, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam,and Europe. No citizen and Citizen okay. Minimum loan amount US$1mm. Maximum loan amount US$500mm.

Recent transaction: Chinese National - Bridge for NYC condo project | 7.99% I/O US$16.3mm 60%LTV | Funded in 2 weeks.

Even the wealthiest of investors have a liquidity issue at some point. GMG has capital resources to help the investor through this temporary stage with easy terms and quick closings.


CANADA Mortgage

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Non-Canadian Resident or Expat Canada GMG Mortgages has access to mortgage products designed for qualified home buyers who have immigrated to Canada, are relocating to Canada by an employer, or a global investor that would like to invest in the Canadian market. These loans require a minimum down payment of 35% and must qualify with full income documentation.

Recent transaction: Australia Citizen purchased a Toronto SFR in 40 days using the cash-out equity for this US property. GMG did both transactions which closed within two days of each other. Seamless!

Rates for Non-Citizen Canadian loans start at 3.30%.


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Not a US citizen? Not a problem …That’s one of our specialties! We have a number of programs which can be tailored for your situation including foreign income/tax returns or no income verification. All loans require NO US credit history/score or No US residency. Increase your yield with an Interest Only 40 Year Mortgage term NOW available!

Recent transaction: Singapore Citizen, purchased Florida condo | No US Credit or Income required  |  5.75% 5 year ARM Interest Only

GMG has a 95% loan approval rate for US mortgage loans under this program. Increase your yield with an Interest Only 40 Year Mortgage term NOW available!

US Fix ‘n flip | fix ‘n rent mortgage

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Looking to purchase a property undervalued and in need to repair? We have programs that may allow you to borrow up to 90% of the final renovated value ARV (after repair). Fix n Flip or Fix n Rent. Minimum loan amount US$75k.

Recent transaction: Singapore citizen and experienced US property flipper purchase of 3 properties in Detroit, MI | NO US credit | 90%ARV | 8.75% 24 month terms funds used for purchase, immediate renovation and sale

Experienced “Flippers” have excellent rate discounts & terms!

japan non citizen | real estate investor mortgage

Purchase Only

Japan’s real-estate property investment market, as you may or may not know, is Asia-Pacific’s biggest market, and the second biggest global market in the world. But it is difficult for foreigners to invest in Japan’s real estate. GMG has a unique Japanese mortgage program and structure that allows non Japanese citizens to enter a normally closed market to foreigners trying to obtain leverage.

Recent transaction: Hong Kong Citizen purchased a Tokyo high-rise with only 25% down payment.

No income verification, LOW rates and up to 75%LTV! Easy qualification standards. Mature stable market.


EUROPE Mortgage

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GMG has access to global mortgage throughout Europe In France, as an example mortgages can be fixed or variable rate. Though fixed rates are the more popular option, keep a look out for mortgages that are variable, but with capped monthly payments. They’re known as a prêt modulable or flexible mortgages. The payment cap means if the interest rates increase beyond a certain point, the mortgage duration will simply lengthen.

Recent transaction: Singapore Citizen purchased a Paris apartment with a 25 year mortgage.

Some EU countries, obtaining a mortgage is easy. Others, you need patience and we need to work a bit harder for you.


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Are you a Chinese National living in China?  We help clients like you every day obtain a loan for US property.  Our loans require No US credit, No US residency, and No income verification. Loans can be funded in 30-45 days without leaving China. Chinese speaking sales team [Mandarin & Cantonese]

Recent transaction: Chinese National, purchased Arizona home | No US Credit or Income required  |  5.75% 5 year ARM Interest Only

GMG has a 95% loan approval rate for US mortgage loans under this program.


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 Our team of experts analyzes the long-term goal of the borrower and the structure of the cross to advise the implement the best course of action. with both the benefits and possible challenges of this type of loan.  

Recent transaction: Indonesian Citizen living in Singapore refinance of 6 properties in Atlanta, GA | NO US credit | One loan | 6.75% 3 year ARM 

One loan. Multiple real estate assets. Portfolio lending easy.

UK | United Kingdom

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Recent restrictions on non citizens obtaining financing in the UK has slowed the market and many banks are turning these types of borrowers away while GMG is ADDING programs weekly! Foreigners can buy property in the UK through GMG UK mortgage programs. Most nationalities are eligible for investment loans. Non-UK citizens are required to show proof of income and can qualify for a maximum of 75%LTV. Mortgage rates may be tied to the intended use of the property.

Recent transaction: Chinese Citizen living in Manila purchased a London flat with only 25% down payment.

UK Banks are turning non-citizen financing away, GMG is adding lending programs weekly. One stop. Many options!


Thailand Mortgage

Purchase Only

The dream of many is to buy a beautiful apartment or home in the Land of Smiles for a fraction of what real estate costs in other parts of the globe. This is still true to an extent and GMG has the perfect Expat Thailand mortgage for you. Keep in mind there is a minimum income qualification of US$85,000 per annum and not all passports are eligible.

Recent transaction: Singapore Citizen purchased a luxury Bangkok apartment with a 30 year mortgage and 30% down payment.

Keep in mind there is a minimum income qualification of US$85,000 per annum