Are you a U.S. Citizen?

Global Mortgage Group offers comprehensive mortgage options to Overseas Expats looking for U.S. property financing. These loans are identical to walking into a local U.S. bank, but very specific to earning your income abroad.

Getting a conventional mortgage can be frustrating, problematic and time consuming when you don’t fit the standard “box”. Where you earn your income shouldn’t be a negative factor when applying for a home mortgage, but it more than often is.

GMG understands these issues and has proven, results-driven solutions for Expats based on decades of experience.

As an example; GMG does not require the borrower to have a W2 from their employer.

GMG Loans for U.S. Expats
GMG Loans for U.S. Expats
  • Not current with your U.S. tax filings?
  • Have you lived abroad for many years, and no long have a U.S. credit score (FICO)? 

These are common situations GMG deals with on a daily basis. We have programs created just for these situation. We not only can provide the mortgage financing needed for purchase or refinance, but also help re-establish your U.S. credit score.

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